Smart Home Automation

In recent years, homeowners have shown a marked preference for installing smart home technologies. With these systems, users can automate and regulate functions in their homes like temperature, lighting, security, and entertainment from any internet-connected device, whether a smartphone or a computer.

Precision Electrical is a leading provider of smart home services in Otter Tail County, MN, enabling homeowners to embrace emerging technologies fully.

What Are Smart Homes?

A "smart home" is a residence with internet-connected appliances and technologies, allowing inhabitants to automate and manage many parts of their living environment. You can control the entire home's array of systems, from the lighting and temperature to the security and entertainment systems, with a single device, thanks to the interoperability of these systems and devices and the use of a central hub or mobile app.

Smart Home Installations

We know that every homeowner will have specific needs, and you can choose from installations like:

  • Smart lighting systems that you can control remotely through a mobile app/voice command.

  • Smart thermostats that can learn your preferences and adjust temperature settings automatically, with remote control options.

  • Smart security systems, including cameras, door locks, and alarm systems with remote control.

  • Home entertainment systems that you can use to control your audio and video systems through a single device.

  • Home automation systems integrate various systems and devices and systems throughout your home, enabling seamless control of multiple amenities and installations in your home.

Our Smart Home Services

If you want to benefit from using smart home technology, we offer a range of electrical services tailored to your needs such as:

  • Design and installation- Our skilled electricians will work with you to develop a comprehensive system for your smart home tailored to your requirements.

  • Smart home system integration - We can help set up your smart home systems so your systems and devices communicate and can be managed/controlled with a single interface.

  • Troubleshooting and repairs -We can diagnose and repair any issues with your smart home's systems or devices to keep them running reliably and smoothly.

  • Maintenance and support - We provide ongoing support and maintenance for all modern smart home systems which helps to keep them efficient and operational.

Customized Smart Home Solutions
Every homeowner has different requirements and preferences for their smart home system, and we consider that while working with you. That's why we provide individualized service plans to meet the needs of each house owner.

Our experienced electricians will consult with you to determine your precise needs, then provide a custom solution. We will also offer ongoing maintenance and support to guarantee the system's optimal performance throughout time.

If you're looking to take full advantage of the latest smart home technologies, we are here to help. Call Precision Electric at 218-367-ACDC (2232) to learn more about our smart home services and other solutions. You can use this Online Form to submit your inquiries; we'll get back to you to discuss your requirements and provide answers.